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What You Should Know

You have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Some things to consider before your surgery:

There are many ways to restore your appearance and renew your self-confidence following breast surgery. The decisions you make are very personal. Although you should consult with your physician, the final choice is up to you. It is a good idea to learn about all of your options before your surgery. Your physician can discuss the various post-breast surgery products and reconstruction possibilities.

It can be helpful to contact a local breast cancer organization and ask to speak with someone who has been through a similar procedure. Although every experience is unique, talking to someone may help with your expectations. Realistic expectations will lower anxiety and facilitate healing.

Questions for your physician before surgery:
  • *What type of procedure am I having?
  • *How long is my hospital stay?
  • *How long will I be in surgery?
  • *Will I be put to sleep for this procedure?
  • *How much pain will I be in and will I receive pain medication?
  • *What will my surgical site look like?
  • *Will there be a drain?
  • *When will I get the pathology report?
  • *Are there medications or dietary supplements that I should stop taking prior to surgery?
  • *Do I need to bring a post-surgery camisole to wear home or will one be provided?
  • *When can I get my post-breast surgery products?
  • *Am I a candidate for reconstructive surgery?

After breast surgery there has been a physical change, but you are still there with the same wants, desires, and needs. You want to look and feel like the woman you always were and still are. It is our goal to restore a positive image and to renew your confidence and self-esteem.

We have worked with thousands of women with specialized fitting needs. These needs include mastectomy, lumpectomy, reconstruction and breast anomalies. Our commitment has always been to have the best products and to provide the ebst fit through personalized services. Our relationship with customers is characterized by sensitivity and trust-one reason customers often recommend us to their friends.

We care about your comfort and invite you to visit or call if we can answer any questions.

After Surgery:

It is important to have an open and honest relationship with your physician. Your doctor is not a mind-reader! If you have pain or discomfort, the only way they know is if you tell them.

Some other points to cover with your physician after surgery:
  • *How soon after my discharge will I have a follow-up appointment?
  • *What are some of the signs/symptoms I should watch for that would signal a problem?
  • *Are there any restrictions on my activities?
  • *Will I need physical therapy to regain full range of motion in my upper body?

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