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Welcome to the new Profile Shops. We've moved--and expanded!!

After breast surgery, there has been a physical change, but the real you is still there - with the same wants, desires and needs. You want to look and feel like the woman you always were - and still are.

The Profile Shop is a unique specialty shop featuring lingerie, swimwear, loungewear and a complete post-breast surgery department. Our service is very specific to your individual situation, and our main goal is to make your visit as personal and pleasant as possible.

Since 1976, we have worked with thousands of women with specialized fitting needs. Our commitment has always been to have the best products, and provide the best fit, through personalized services. Our relationship with customers is characterized by sensitivity and trust - one reason customers so often recommend us to their friends.

We care about your comfort, and our trained fitters invite you to visit or call if we can answer any questions.

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